Project Brief:

Bizventure marketing is a 360 degree marketing company in Pakistan’s leading marketing firms.  Founded in 2018 Bizventure want us to design an initial website for them and as they are also a marketing company a kind of our competitors but that’s doesn’t matter. However we designed their website.

Step 01


Website Goals – During the beginning phase of the process, it’s important to determine the goals of the website; for example, lead capturing, sales or to provide information. These goals will dictate the design of the website as it strives to meet this goal.

Content Structure – Mapping out the content structure and getting approval on that during the planning phase is crucial. This will save enormous amounts of time later on.

Step 02


Quality Branding Materials – Your website needs to have consistent branding in order for the user journey off-line to compliment the user journey online. An example would be the logos on your letterhead which should match the logos on your website.

Mockups – The mockups are created, keeping the website goals in mind. It’s important to have enough variety in the mockups to view how different styles could possibly impact the website look and feel.

Review & Approve – The website look and feel needs to be considered and approved by all stakeholders before the development can start.

Step 03


Website Template Framework – The main template framework for the website is developed before the individual page templates are developed. It’s the foundation for the various page templates.

Page Templates – Once the master template is developed, the individual page templates are created; for example the product page template which will be used for all product pages.

Add Special Features – Special features are developed when the need arises for a specific function; for example adding social network buttons where users can “like” your blog posts.

Upload Content – After the content has been written and approved, it needs to be uploaded along with any other media to the specific pages
of the website. Other media include videos, images, pdf documents or slides.

QA – Once the website has been fully developed, it needs to go through Quality Assurance by testing all links, functionality etc. This process can be time consuming, but is necessary in order to avoid any errors when pushing live.

Transfer to Live – When all testing has been completed, it’s time to transfer the website to the live server where the website will be hosted.

Test – Live testing is necessary in order to ensure there are no errors or bugs on the live website.

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