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Who is Tauseef Shah?

Hi! I’m Tauseef Shah, the CEO of Softcrust, which is one of the top digital marketing agencies in Pakistan. Goodfirms and Sortlist say we’re one of the best!

For 8 years, I’ve been helping all kinds of businesses grow online all around the world. Whether they need more people visiting their websites, more leads, more sales, or just want to be more well-known, I’m here to help out.

What makes me different? I don’t just work regular hours; I go above and beyond. I make sure to talk things out, keep in touch, and really listen. Even when things get tough, I stick around to find solutions. This is why so many clients have stayed with me for years—they trust me to look out for them.

I love digging into data and making business plans. Just last month, I put together 4 to 5 big plans for different companies. These plans lay out everything: how to start, what to improve, how much it might cost, and what the competition is doing. My clients love the clear direction I provide.

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  • During our calls, I never sell. My goal is to learn more about YOU and your company. I will offer some really valuable insights along the road. Being a growth-based digital marketing agency involves doing that. And above all, what matters most? I love to joke, even though I take our duties seriously.

Zainab Mohammed

Founder at Socialiase

Roman Trankle

CEO at BrandedGenius

Zainab Mohammed

Founder at Socialiase

Roman Trankle

CEO at BrandedGenius

Benefits of 1-1 Digital Marketing Consultancy

With Tauseef Shah

Expert Coaching

Benefit from my extensive experience to navigate the digital landscape.


Schedule consultations whenever it is convenient for you, taking into account your hectic schedule.

Personalized Approaches

Personalized, actionable plans that align with your business goals.


You can get my expert advice from anywhere, at any time, without having to travel.

Measurable Success

From boosting your online presence to increasing sales, see real results.


Contact professionals all over the world to broaden your pool of experience and support.

Recognize the value of your time. With us, you gain the freedom to focus on growth while we handle the rest, optimizing your time for maximum productivity.

How Our Free Consultation Works?

Your Path to Online Growth

Checking Your Online World

I'll review your online presence, from your website to social media, identifying strengths and areas for improvement. Together, we'll map out a plan for enhanced performance.

Choosing Right Marketing Channel

I'll explore what sets your business apart and guide you to the ideal marketing channels, ensuring you shine on Google, social media, and beyond.

Brand Strategy & Positioning

We'll align your goals and story to craft a memorable brand identity, highlighting your products and services to attract your ideal audience.

Understanding the struggles businesses face, like attracting quality leads or enhancing online visibility, I pinpoint these challenges and provide strategic solutions to overcome them, ensuring a clear path to success.

What to Expect from My Consultation?

My commitment to your success begins with a free consultation but extends far beyond. With a history of transforming digital landscapes, my strategies are not just about growth; they’re about setting new standards of excellence in your industry.

  • Customized Growth Strategies

    I can boost your company's performance with custom plans made to address your particular objectives and difficulties.

  • Sales Amplification

    I am using cutting-edge digital marketing strategies, to turn your internet presence into real sales.

  • Brand Awareness Mastery

    I will establish your brand as a leader in your sector to win over the interest and allegiance of your intended market.

  • Lead Generation Engine

    I will make your digital channels a force to be reckoned with when it comes to producing excellent leads that drive company expansion.

digital marketing expert in Pakistan

Good decisions require careful deliberation, I ensure my strategies are well-thought-out, aligning with your business’s long-term success.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Choose a Free Consultation with Tauseef Shah?

During your free consultation, you can anticipate individual service and experienced advice targeted to your digital marketing requirements. Our team, lead by CEO Tauseef Shah, will share key insights and ideas for improving your online visibility. There is no pressure or commitment—just a chance to explore how SoftCrust might help you reach your objectives.

After the consultation, there is no need to commit to our services. We’re here to provide insights and help suited to your specific requirements, so you can make an informed decision at your own speed

You may begin to see benefits from our digital marketing methods shortly after they are implemented. However, the timing might vary depending on factors such as your sector, target audience, and the specific techniques used.

Tauseef Shah’s approach differs from other digital marketing consultants because of his innovative tactics, individual attention to customers’ goals, and dedication to providing concrete results.

Generally, our consultation appointments last 30 to 60 minutes and are tailored to your specific needs. This gives us plenty of time to dive into your requirements, provide extensive insights, and properly answer any questions you may have.

No, you are not need to prepare anything specific for the consultation. Simply arrive with an open mind, ready to discuss your aims and difficulties. We will handle things from there, assisting you through the process and answering any questions you might have.

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