How to Fix Images Alt Text Issue in WordPress

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How to Fix Images Alt Text Issue in WordPress

Fix Images Alt Text Issue in WordPress

A Guide to Accessibility and SEO

To stay ahead in the game, the strategy of your business, especially in digital marketing, needs to be flexible. While keeping up with the latest technology is crucial, the question arises: “How often should I update my digital marketing strategy?” It’s vital to evaluate your online marketing strategy to ensure long-term results. This article delves into the significance of regular strategy reviews and offers guidelines to keep it relevant and effective. So, how frequently should you review your marketing strategy, particularly if you’re looking for WordPress website development services or a digital marketing agency near Islamabad? So, how to fix the images alt text issue in WordPress?

Understanding Alt Text:

 It also conveys the meaning of the image for screen readers who are people who have visual impairments. Expand_more From an SEO perspective From a SEO point of view an alt text that is well-written helps search engines understand the meaning of your images. It also increases your website’s rankings in search results for relevant terms.

Common Alt Text Issues in WordPress:

Fix Images Alt Text Issue in WordPress

Missing Alt Text: This is a frequent problem. Images with no alt text offer no context and limit accessibility. expand_more empty Alt Text Although technically valid the empty alt text field gives no information and must be filled in.

Generic Alt Text: The use of generic descriptions such as “image1.jpg” doesn’t convey the image’s significance and provides only a limited SEO value. expand_more

Keyword Stuffing: The unnatural insertion of keywords into alt text can harm your SEO rankings and make you make your site appear unprofessional. expand_more

1. Adding Alt Text in WordPress:

There are two primary methods to include alt text in your images within WordPress:

While uploading: When uploading a new image, you’ll notice the “Alternative Text” field below the preview of the image. Write a concise and clear description of the image in this.

Editing Existing Images: Log into your Media Library, select the image you wish to edit, then click on “Edit Image.” expand_more In the right-hand side panel, beneath “Attachment Details,” you’ll find the “Alternative Text” field. expand_more Update the text in the existing description or include an entirely new description.

2. Addressing Specific Errors:

“This image has an empty alt attribute” Error: This message indicates an alt text that is missing. Follow the instructions above to create a pertinent description.

Duplicate Alt Text Although it isn’t a important problem, using the same alt text for several images reduces its effectiveness. Make sure to use distinct descriptions that reflect the particular details of each photo.


3. Creating Accessible and SEO-Friendly Alt Text:

Fix Images Alt Text Issue in WordPress

Here are some suggestions to write an effective alt text:

Make use of Natural Language Write in a easy-to-read style that is easily understood by humans and avoid technical jargon.

Keywords that are Target Relevant: Include relevant keywords in a natural manner however, avoid keyword stuffing.

Take Screen Readers into consideration: Think about how visually impaired people would be able to understand the image based on the alt text description.

Additional Tips:

Bulk Editing Alt Text: Several plugins, such as “SEO Friendly Images” or “Bulk Alt Text with Yoast” allow you to edit alt text for a variety of images at once.

Use Stock Alt Text of Photos: Many stock photo websites offer suggestions for alt text that is based on the images’ content.

Review Content Already Available: Regularly audit your website for images that have old or insufficient alt text.

Benefits of Fixing Alt Text Issues:

Enhanced accessibility: More people, including those who are blind or visually handicapped, can visit your website.

Enhanced SEO: A well-written alt text makes it easier for search engines to comprehend the information of your photographs, which could raise the ranking of your website. extend_more

Boosted User Experience: Clear alt text gives context and increases comprehension of your material. expand_more

Higher Engagement: Images that include descriptive alt text could result in higher engagement and click-through rates.


Fixing alt text issues in WordPress is an easy yet powerful way to improve accessibility and user experience on your website. With proper alt text, you can ensure that your photos not only look excellent but also accomplish a useful task, increasing website traffic. By following these guidelines and best practices, you can make your WordPress website development services more effective. Wondering how to fix the alt text issue in WordPress images? Creating accessible and SEO-friendly alt text is the key.